Tulsa Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center

Since 1998, Tulsa Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center (TWCC) has been the premiere wound care center in Northeast Oklahoma. From its humble beginnings, TWCC has grown to be the most progressive and experienced medical clinic in treating chronic non-healing wounds.  As part of OSU Medical Center, TWCC works alongside many medical specialties to provide state-of-the art, evidence-based wound care. TWCC is often the first in the region to try new therapies and designs and leads clinical trials to increase the evidence about treating chronic wounds.

OSU Medical Center Tulsa Wound Care & Hyperbarics Center

At TWCC, an interdisciplinary team of physicians, nurses and nutritionists, works with the patient to develop a chronic wound care plan that focuses on healing and preventing new wounds. The close collaboration with the patient is one of the many reasons TWCC is recognized as a leader in treating and healing chronic wounds in Northeast Oklahoma.

Tulsa Wound Care Center is located at Oklahoma State University Medical Center, and can respond fully to all hyperbaric emergencies. TWCC has 24/7 staffing capability and is the designated emergency hyperbaric site for Tulsa County and is an integral part of OSU Medical Center’s Emergency Response Plan. OSU Medical Center ‘s hyperbaric staff is hyperbaric certified to ensure that patients receive safe, standard of care hyperbaric treatments. The hyperbaric staff treats the many patients that come for daily treatments like family-and patients seem to feel the same way!


Your primary care physician can make a referral to TWCC for an evaluation by calling 918-599-5874 or faxing to 918-599-1650.

Fun facts:

50% of TWCC wound care RNs are certified
66% of TWCC physicians are hyperbaricists

Patient Comments from Satisfaction Surveys:

“Great experience…”
“Excellent staff…”
“I DO NOT have anything bad to say about my experiences all the time I’ve been coming to the WOUND CLINIC.”
“Only had good experiences at the Wound Clinic”


Tulsa Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center Physicians